The Rocky Mountain Rotaract MDIO

WHAT: Rocky Mountain Rotaract is the official Multi-District Information Organization for Rotary Zones 21b/27. A Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO) is, in essence, the Rotaract equivalent of a Rotary Zone: it supports Rotaract districts and clubs within the MDIO by providing Rotaract-focused training, resources, guidance, and networking opportunities to Rotaractors and Rotarians. Rocky Mountain Rotaract was officially approved by all 22 District Governors within the Zone, as well as RI Director Greg Podd and the rest of the RI Board of Directors, and RI General Secretary John Hewko on April 25, 2016. For more details on the MDIO, see the Constitution and Bylaws at the bottom of this page.



WHY: An MDIO has no governing or legislative power, meaning that it cannot control the Rotaract activities of any district or club. An MDIO is a purely voluntary organization meant to assist districts in developing and supporting Rotaract in order to build a stronger Rotary. You can view our Constitution and Bylaws to get a better idea of how the MDIO works.


Additionally, each year the MDIO hosts the Rocky Mountain Rotaract Summit, held concurrently with the RI Zones 21b/27 Institute. All Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotarians, and Rotary program participants and alumni are invited to take part in the Summit, where participants can learn about Rotaract, share best practices, and form friendships with Rotaractors from around the country. Before the Summit, the MDIO will also provide District Rotaract Representative (DRR) training to all current and incoming DRRs.


WHO: All 22 districts in Zones 21b and 27 have signed on to create the Rocky Mountain Rotaract MDIO, meaning that all districts in the Zone are “member-districts” entitled to a say in the affairs of the MDIO and who can take advantage of the many benefits of the MDIO.


HOW: Each member-district is entitled to an equal vote on any matters affecting the MDIO. Additionally, an elected board of directors works to design and implement strategies and resources to support Rotaract districts and clubs within the MDIO. The day-to-day operations of the MDIO are carried out by a secretariat led by the general secretary of the MDIO, who is selected by the RI Director for Zones 21b/27.

Rocky Mountain Rotaract Constitution
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Rocky Mountain Rotaract Bylaws
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